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Disc vacuum filter is a solid-liquid separation equipment, filtered power vacuum as the slurry liquid separation. The machine uses a filter plate guide frame-oriented, variable speed agitation, anti-hair unloading, automatic centralized lubrication advanced technology, is an excellent use of reliable dewatering equipment. This machine is a new type of disc vacuum filter, designed especially for iron ore concentrate, non-ferrous metal concentrate dewatering is also suitable for beneficiation in the coal washing, non-metallic minerals, chemicals used in the environmental effects.

Structure and components

Disc vacuum filter tank, filter shaft, main drive, filter plate, separated valve, slurry agitator, unloading equipment, filter cloth washing, centralized lubrication systems and electronic control systems and other components.

Material of Sectors filter plate

Discs and sectors can be made in injection molded polypropylene and ceramic. Disc vacuum filter is constituted by the individual fan-shaped piece of the disc. A fan-shaped piece separate filtration unit, made ​​by the filter cloth filter chamber is formed in a fan-shaped piece cloth cover. Filter disc by a motor through a gear reducer and open to drive the rotation of the filter disc clockwise direction, the filter room pulp by means of a vacuum pump a pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter medium in the adsorption zone, deposited on the filter disk formed by filtration cake after the agitator rotation to prevent the solid precipitate, after leaving the liquid surface, the filter cake was stripped of water under vacuum to continue. Filtrate through the filter cloth, the filtrate pipe discharged from the dispensing head. Cake, at the discharge area by the anti-hair discharge, falls into the discharge chute, and the entire job process continuous loop.


1.The aircraft sector plate with ultra high strength polypropylene molded, high strength, not easily deformed life increased by several times than fiberglass; the sector plate openings up to 30%, so it does not affect the filtering effect of clogging, and conducive to further increase production and reduce the cake moisture. 2. Each filter disc 20 fan-shaped plate, the strengthening of the control of the filtering process, the filter cake is relatively uniform. 3. The filtrate tube section the distribution head cavity volume, help to improve the ventilation rate and the filtrate emissions. 4. The use of anti-hair plus scraper discharge, in order to ensure the expulsion rate of cake. 5. Gear, inverter speed control, speed range, reliable operation. 6. Optimized design of the structure of the filtrate tube completely ruled out the original flange joints due to aging rubber air leaks. The filtrate pipe wall thickness also increased to 6mm and lined with ceramic tile. 7. Using dry oil pump centralized oil lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. 8. The characteristics of the cement industry, the use of pneumatic mixing system. 9. Siemens PLC and Mitsubishi inverter control system, and can be provided in the control and accept the various control signals.

Application and Parameter:

Disc vacuum filter mainly application Flotation Concentrate, also can be used for the dewatering of fine material requirements of environmental protection, building materials and other industries. 1.This machine is used 0-0.5mm flotation concentrate and fine coal dewatering 2.The filtrate concentration of 30-50g / L iron ore concentrate, non-ferrous metal concentrate dewatering work specially designed a new type of disc vacuum filter, suitable for use in the beneficiation of coal washing, non-metallic mineral, chemical, environmental practice. 3.cement raw slurry, carbide pre dehydration. Pulp moisture content of about 35% -36% of raw slurry after dehydration into aqueous 15% -20% of the raw material cake and then calcined its tons of clinker coal consumption can be reduced by 15% or more, the product Ministry of Science and Technology has won first prize extensive and successful practical application in the environmental protection industry and building materials industry, and achieved significant economic benefits.
Type ZPG 10-2 ZPG 15-3 ZPG 20-4 ZPG 25-5 ZPG 30-6 ZPG 35-7 ZPG 40-8 ZPG 60-5 ZPG 72-6 ZPG 120-10
Filter area ㎡ 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 60 72 120
Disc filter quantity (pcs) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5 6 10
Capacity (t/h·㎡)> 0.7-1.0
Cake thickness (mm) >=10
Cake water content (%) <=10
Disc filter Diameter (mm) 2000 3100
Rotation speed (r/min) 0.3-1.2
Motor Rotation speed (r/min) Adjustable
Power (Kw) 3
Mixer Rotation speed (r/min) 80-110
Motor reducer Rotation speed (r/min) 80-110
Power (Kw) 3
Tank volume (m³) 0.86 1.38 1.85 2.29 2.72 3.1 3.59 9.8 11 14.5
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 2450* 2820* 2665 2840* 2820* 2665 3230* 2820* 2665 3620* 2820* 2665 4010* 2820* 2665 4502* 2820* 2665 4892* 2820* 2665 4750* 4205* 3740 5250* 4205* 3740 7175* 4205* 3740

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