Multi-Layer Stainless Steel Frame Filter

Operation Principle/Design Feature

Suspension into the filter unit with a pump filter every closed room, under pressure, the filtrate through the filter layer and the membrane or other filter, the membrane fluid discharge port, the residues were kept in box form a cake plate, to achieve solid-liquid separation.


The machine is made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel material, corrosion-resistant durability. Plate with thread-like structure, according to different filter media and the production process(initial filter, semi-filter, fine filter) to replace a different filter(direct use sterile filtration membrane to achieve the purpose). Users can also filter the amount based on the size of a corresponding reduction or increase in number of layers to suit production needs. At the same time, producing is no leakage frame filter cloth. The filter sealing pressure machine at work, without loss of liquid material, liquid clarity is good, also based on user needs a special multi-stage filter, a coarse filter to put, place two smaller filters, saving time and improve the filtering accuracy. All parts of the machine sealed with silicone rubber seals, high temperature, non-toxic, no leakage, good sealing performance. The machine can automatically return the user needs a special device, when the pump stops, open the return value, automatic discharge of all sediments (both exhaust function), and return with water from the tube recoil, very convenient. This filter use high quality 304 or 316L stainless steel material fine processing become, the structure is close, uses the two-sided trawl doors, may make recoil processing, makes the membrane without the residue to separate the thick thin filtration, needs according to the current capacity to be possible to increase or characteristics and so on reduced layer.


  • large flow can be customized
  • pressure pump to be explosion-proof motor and Grundfos pumps up the difference.
Suspension for a variety of solid-liquid separation for a wide range of applied medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment, electronic, textile, electroplating and other related industries.
型号Model 层数Layer 过滤面积Filter   area(m2) 过滤介质 直径The size  of filter  material (mm) 过滤精度Filter  precision  (μm) 过滤压力Filtration  pressure(Mpa) 流量Water  flow(t/h) 功率Motor  power(kw) 外形尺寸Overall  dimension(mm)
DZCR-100 10 0.078 Ф100 0.8 0.15 0.8 0.55 600x300x600
DZCR-150 10 0.17 Ф150 0.8 0.15 1.5 0.75 650x380x650
DZCR-200 10 0.34 Ф200 0.8 1.5 2 1.1 650x400x700
DZCR-300 10 0.7 Ф300 0.8 0.15 4 1.1 700x500x800
DZCR-400 10 1.25 Ф400 0.8 0.15 6 1.1 900x600x1000
DZCR-400 16 2 Ф400 0.8 0.15 9 1.5 1000x600x1000
DZCR-400 20 2.5 Ф400 0.8 0.2 10 1.5 1100x600x1000
DZCR-400 32 4 Ф400 0.8 0.3 13 2.2 1320x600x1000
DZF-200 10 0.4 200X200 0.8 0.15 3 1.1 650x380x650
DZF-300 10 0.9 300X300 0.8 0.15 6 1.1 700x500x800
DZF-400 10 2 400x400 0.8 0.15 10 1.5 900x600x1000
DZF-400 20 3 400x400 0.8 0.15 12 1.2 1100x600x1000
DZF-400 26 4 400x400 0.8 0.2 15 2.2 1150x600x1000
DZF-400 32 5 400x400 0.8 0.2 18 2.2 1200x600x1000
DZF-400 38 6 400x400 0.8 0.3 21 2.2 1300x600x1000
DZF-400 44 7 400x400 0.8 0.3 23 3 1350x600x1000

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