PP bag filter

  • Double standard filter housing design, optional bag or filter to filter.
  • Smooth surface of the filter shell, no pointing, no dead ends, and easy to clean.
  • Patented leak-proof seam design, the filtrate will pass, will not spill.
  • Filter top cover has a handle designed to easily unscrew the cover, replace the filter.
  • Have to mention the filter and filter bag design, easy to replace, clean and safe.

Overall dimension

型号 type A B C D E F 导热口 Thermal  interface
Max. Min.
DL-1P1J 830 847 723 628 535 455 260 1/2`` teeth tube
DL-1P2J 1750 1217 998 998 905 825 260 1/2` teeth tube
DL-1P4J 698 611 488 488 404 354 150 1/2`` teeth tube

Standard plastic filter Specifications

型号Type 操作温度Temperature(℃) 最大流量Max. flow  fate(m3/h) 工作压力Working  pressure (Mpa) 进出口 连接方式Import  and export  connections
DZ100PP 43℃/110F 10 0.6 2`` screw thread

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