Bag Filter

Bag filter is a new filtration system, filter bag supported within the metal basket, the liquid flows into the inlet, filtered through the bag out from the exit, impurities were intercepted in the bag, the bag after the replacement can continue to use. Classification of bag filter: single bag filter, multi bag filter, sandwich filter and plastic rubber filter
  • Bag filter processing capacity, small size, large capacity dirt.
  • Bag filter system based on the working principle and structure; replace the filter bag when convenient, and filter-clean, saving time and labor.
  • Bag side leakage probability is small, powerful filtering to ensure quality.
  • Filter bag can carry a greater work pressure, small pressure loss, low operation cost, energy-saving effect. Increasing filtration bag, has now reached 0.5μm
  • Wide range of bag filters, flexible, diverse installation.

Specification of single bag filter

型号Model 过滤面积Filter  area(M2) 最大流量Max. flow  rate(M3/h) 工作压力Working pressure (Mpa) 容积Volume  (L) 进出口 连接方式Inlet and  outlet  connection  style
01# 0.25 20 0.5 8.0 Ф50
02# 0.5 40 0.5 17.0 Ф50
04# 0.20 18 0.5 3.8 Ф20

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