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TOPER is a professional Chinese manufacturer of industrial filter press and solid liquid separation equipment. Our bestselling products include the filter press, belt filter presses, as well as the plate and frame filter press.

  • 08-20-2015» membrane filter press to handle Pb Zn Cu flotation tailing slurry
  • 08-15-2015» automatic membrane filter press exported to Russia
  • 06-01-2015» The second centrifuge equipment PS600 sent to Mexico
  • 05-27-2015» PSB600 centrifuge will be used for separating kava liquid and solids after squeezing
  • 05-27-2015» Our customer used the tubular centrifuge for latex separation to remove the water
  • 05-22-2015» Toper Exporting DY750 Stainless Steel Belt Filter Press to Iran
  • 04-24-2015» fish oil separation with tubular centrifuges
  • 04-24-2015» Palm oil filtration with cast iron plate and frame filter press
  • 04-10-2015» multi-layer stainless steel frame filter used in the area of palm oil and other edible oil
  • 04-10-2015» INPALME (International Palm Oil Exhibition) 23-25 April 2015
  • 04-01-2015» The High-tech of Filter Press
  • 02-11-2015» inquiry about membrane filter press and hydraulic automatic filter press from india
  • 01-28-2015» slurry filtration automatic discharging filter press exported to Singapore
  • 01-20-2015» Uzbekistan round plate filter press Case
  • 12-01-2014» bag filter used for dyeing water treatment supplied for Mauritius customer
  • 12-01-2014» automatic discharging filter press deal with sludge exported to Singapore
  • 10-28-2014» centrifuges export to Argentine
  • 09-17-2014» Qatar customers visiting our factory
  • 07-30-2014» PSD1200 bag hoist discharge type centrifuge export to Peru
  • 06-03-2014» BAY 30/800 stainless steel filter press which customed for SGL Group gest through successful the acceptance test and was transported to Shanghai Port