Cotton Cake Filter


Cotton filter cake can be repeated using recycled fiber material as filter media to remove traces of oil in the liquid material, mechanical impurities, suspended complexes and other impurities, so that filtered liquid clear and transparent.

Use and characteristics of

The company produces cotton cake frame filter machine is also suitable for liquid purification and filtration. In the chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food and other industries widely be used. This unit has a filter area, convenient operation and maintenance of the characteristics of the machine frame with a circular structure, a square structure of the frame than the filter performance is more excellent, aircraft aluminum frame material and reinforced polypropylene two kinds of and can increase the number of frame can be reduced, can be applied to different liquid filtration.

the main technical specifications

Diameter filter frame: 500mm/400mm

过滤面积 (㎡) Filter  area 滤板尺寸 (mm) Plate  size 板框厚度 (mm) Frame  thickness 过滤压力 (Mpa) (kg/cm2) Filter  pressure 滤板数量(pcs) Plate  quantity 板框内腔 承受最 大压力(kg/cm2) Max.  pressure Inner  frame 板框内 总容量 (L) Volume  inside frame 外形尺寸 Dimension L×W×H 流量 (L/min) flow 电机功率  (kw) Motor  power 电机转速 (r/min) Motor  speed 油缸压紧 稳定压力 (Mpa) Steady pressure 压紧板 最大位移(mm) Max. displacement
8 Ф500 50 ≤2 22 3 216 2630× 1150×770 87 1.1 1460 12 350

400mm 400mm diameter filter frame

过滤面积 (㎡) Filter  area 滤板尺寸 (mm) Plate  size 板框厚度 (mm) Frame  thickness 过滤压力 (Mpa) (kg/cm2) Filter  pressure 滤板数量 (pcs) Plate  quantity 板框内腔 承受 最大压力(kg/cm2) Max.  pressure Inner  frame 板框内 总容量 (L) Volume  inside frame 外形尺寸 Dimension L×W×H 流量(L/min) flow 电机功率  (kw) Motor  power 电机转速 (r/min) Motor  speed 油缸压紧 稳定压力 (Mpa) Steady pressure 压紧板 最大位移 (mm) Max. displacement
5 Ф400 50 ≤2 22 3 138 2630× 1050×670 55 1.1 1460 12 350

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