diatomite filter


This filter introduces international advanced technology, manufactured with the 1Cr8Ni9Ti high quality stainless steel and uses the diatomaceous earth as the filter aid. This machine makes our country’s beverage industry forward a big step from old technology of cotton filter to advanced world filter technology. It has pretty appearance, simple operation, low cost of filtration and the higher efficiency characteristics. The filtration precision can be 99.8%, even can remove escherichia coli if good operation. This machine is widely used in white wine, yellow wine, fruit juice, water treatment and so on. Our company is willing to make efforts for you to obtain the good filtration effect in the filtration working procedure, meanwhile, we guarantee to supply wear parts timely. Customers can customize horizontal or vertical diatomite filter according to their needs.

technical parameter

型号 Type 外形尺寸 (mm) dimensions 过滤面积 (m2)filter  area 滤片数(张)filter  disc (pc) 阀门口径inlet &  outlet   dia. of  valve 理论酒量 以白酒 为单位 theoretical  flow with  white wine  as reference 工作压力 (MPa)working pressure 需配泵型号 pump type
WK500-A 2450x750x850 15.9 38 DG32 13-15T/H ≤0.3 YL20-25
WK500-B 1950x750x850 8.9 20 DG32 8-10 T/H ≤0.3 YL20-25
WK400-A 2350x680x800 9.8 38 DG32 9-12 T/H ≤0.3 YL10-25
WK400-Ⅰ 1840x680x800 5.1 20 DG32 6-8 T/H ≤0.3 YL10-25
WK330-Ⅱ 1700x600x750 3.4 20 DG32 3-5 T/H ≤0.3 YL5-25
WK330-Ⅲ 1600x600x750 2.5 15 DG32 2-4 T/H ≤0.3 YL5-25
WK250 1100x350x450 2 20 DG32 1-3 T/H ≤0.2 YL3-20
WK220 900x300x400 1 15 DG32 1-2 T/H ≤0.2 YL3-20
LS-330(vertical) 550x540x1250 3.4 19 DN32 3-5 T/H ≤0.3 YL10-25
LS-400(vertical) 920x560x1550 8.9 39 DN32 8-10 T/H ≤0.3 CHL8-40

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