SD type centrifuge

Product Feature

SD-type centrifuge is the SS-type three-foot upper discharging centrifuge based on the modified product. In addition to retaining the advantages of SS-type centrifuge, but also significantly reduced labor intensity, discharge fast, easy to clean bag, improve production efficiency, to avoid the discharge caused by artificial contamination of the finished product and scatter...

Structure & Principle

High-speed rotary motor driven drum, the material feed tube joined by the top of the drum, under the centrifugal force tends to drum wall, in which the liquid passes through the filter cloth and the drum wall hole discharge, solid retained in the drum. After the shutdown stopped Kai boot lid release plate locking pins liquid, liquid with a lifting device to block the plate with the bag containing residues to be hanging at discharge, release a special crane claw open the bag open at one end, cake will automatically fall.

Order Notice

  • Different requirements for separation, we have designed for customers to choose the appropriate type, so the customer order, it can confirm the following circumstances.
  • Base: a base and without casting base (with shock absorber)
  • Material: the material contact parts of the material for stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, rubber lining, and plastic lining
  • Drive method: use electromagnetic speed motor drive can be realized in low-speed feeding, high-speed separation requirements; improve operations, suitable for a variety of materials separation. Need proof of the occasion, can be used in explosion-proof motor drive inverter. Generally do not need to speed to occasion, can be ordinary or explosion-proof motor.
It is suitable for solid-phase separation with loose high, moderate size. Easy compression, require washing. Liquid is of viscosity and smaller suspension. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, mining and environmental protection industries. The models meet the GMP standard design.

Technical Parameter

规格 Type 转鼓 Drum 分离因数 separation  factor (w2r/g) 电机功率 Motor  power(kw) 整机质量 Weight (kg) 外形尺寸 Dimension (mm)
直径  dia.(mm) 高度 Height (mm) 工作容积  volume (L) 装料限量 Load  limit (kg) 转速 Rotation  speed (r/min)
SD800 800 360 90 120 1200 860 7.5 1350 1740×1380×1100
SD1000 1000 400 140 150 1000 640 11 2300 1950×1560×1200
SD1200 1200 450 230 240 800 600 18.5 3400 2370×1600×1200
SD1500 1500 450 360 400 600 500 22 5000 2645×2221×1700

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