Automatic Derticd Peelet Discharge Centrifuge SGZ

This machine is three-foot scraper bottom discharge, intermittent operation, automatic program control of the filter centrifuge, according to the program requirements set by the hydraulic and electrical control system automatically feeding, separating, washing, dewatering, discharge processes can be realized far, close operation. The machine has a high degree of automation, large capacity, good separation, stable, easy to operate.

Order Notice

  • Different requirements for separation, we have designed for customers to choose the appropriate type, so the customer order, it can confirm the following circumstances.
  • Material: the material contact parts of the material for stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, rubber lining, and plastic lining
  • Drive model: Normal asynchronous motor, explosion-proof asynchronous motor,electromagnetic speed or frequency control.
The machine uses a narrow low-speed scraper discharge, so in addition to widely used for particle size 0.05-0.15mm solid particles in suspension, separation, but particularly suitable for heat sensitivity, does not allow crystal grain crushing, the operator should not be close to the material separation.
规格  type 转鼓 Drum 分离因数 separation  factor (w2r/g) 电机功率 Motor  power(kw) 整机质量 Weight (kg) 外形尺寸 Dimension (mm)
直径 dia.(mm) 工作容积  volume  (L) 装料限量Load  limit(kg) 转速Rotation  speed(r/min)
SGZ800 800 100 140 1200 644 7.5 3000 1900×1500×1900
SGZ 1000 1000 150 200 1080 560 11 4000 2300×1900×2300
SGZ 1250 1250 280 380 900 566 18.5 4700 2587×1900×2300

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