ps type manual top discharge centrifuge

Structure and features

It is top discharging closed type and intermittent operation filter equipment. Materials goes into the drum through the feeding pipe on the housing of hermetic closure, under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is discharged out of machine through the filter medium, and solid are remained in the drum, after drum stops, open the top cover to discharge. It has such features of smooth running, easy operation and feeding, washing and dehydrating under the state of hermetic closure. PS type adopts plate and high viscosity damper shock absorbers, no concrete foundation and easy operation and maintenance. The drum, housing and foundation plate are polished; all fasteners are stainless steel; driving components are stainless steel; seals are silicone rubbers, with cleaning spray system, the machine is in line with the CMP requirement. The housing is fitted with big cover, easily discharges, good sealing, suitable for processing separating poisonous and harmful medium. It uses explosion-proof motor variable frequency drive, anti-static V-belts, filling nitrogen protection and it is suitable for processing inflammable and explosive solid-liquid separation. The machine has the good seal, explosion-proof and highly filtration.


Suitable for the solid phase for the separation of granular suspensions also be used for separation of fibrous materials, especially for the high viscosity, particle size filter is exquisite, toxic, flammable materials, widely used in chemical, medicine, food and light industries, e.g.: gypsum, thiamin, mirabilite salt, iron sulfate, nickel sulfate, potassium chloride, acetic acid, borax, soda, rubber additives oil, fuel, and plastic raw materials, soap, all kinds of resin, salt, MSG, food additives, starch sugar, vitamin, antibiotic, herbicide and insect repellents, copper, zinc, aluminum mineral dehydration, etc

Technical data

型号      type 转鼓  drum 分离因数  separation  factor 电机功率  (kw) power 开盖极 限高度  opening  limit 整机重量 (kg) weight 外形尺寸         长×宽×高(mm)  dimensions
直径    (mm)   diameter 工作容积 (L)  volume 装料限重 (kg)  limit 最高转速 (r/min)  speed
PS300 300 5 10 2500 1050 1.1 1000 180 890×600 ×500
PS450 450 20 25 1900 910 1.5 1160 250 980×650 ×870
PS600 600 40 50 1500 756 3 1700 800 1300×880 ×900
PS800 800 100 135 1200 645 5.5 2000 1300 1800×1200 ×1140
PS800-NA 800 100 135 1500 1008 7.5 2000 1300 1800×1200 ×1140
PS1000 1000 150 200 1000 560 7.5 2250 2000 2050×1500 ×1140
PS1000-NA 1000 150 200 1200 806 11 2250 2000 2050×1500 ×1140
PS1200 1200 250 300 800 431 11 2700 2500 2350×1650 ×1370

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