GQ Tubular centrifuge

Tubular centrifuge is a kind of centrifugal equipment with high separation factor. The minimum separation particle size is 1 micron. It is especially used in extraction, enrichment and clarification of material with the following situations:the specific gravity difference between solid phase and liquid phase is small; the partical size is small and solid content is low; the medium is strong corrosive. Mainly used in the solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid-solid separation for food, chemical, beverage, biological pharmacy, blood products, solid-liquid separation of intermediates and so on, this machine is with the adwantages: good separation effect, high yield, small cove area, easy operation, etc. Tubular centrifuge is mainly divided into clarify series GQ and separation series GF.

GQ clarify series

GQ clarify series: it is mainly used for various suspension very difficulty to separate, especially suitable for suspension that is low concentration and fine grain, small specific gravity difference between solid phase and liquid phase. solid particles with larger Density deposite on the inner wall of the drum, gradually forming a sediment layer, which needs artificial discharge after downtime. the clarified fluid to the upper part of the drum is discharged from the drainage mouth. Main application: for example, the clarification for all kinds of liquid medicine, glucose chlorhexidine, malic acid, various oral liquid, Asiatic moonseed rhizome; extraction for Coal tar, graphite slag, a variety of protein, algae, pectin; refining for Honey; Blood separation, hyphae of vaccine, the settlement of various glucose, purification of paint, dye, resin, rubber solution.

technical parameters

型号Model 转鼓  drum 喷嘴直径 nozzle  diameter (mm) 生产能力 ( 通水量)Productivity (water flow) (kg/h) 电机功率power (kw) 机器重量 weight (kg)
内径Inner  diameter (mm) 高度Height (mm) 容积volume (L) 转速Rotary  speed (r/min) 分离因数 separation  factor
GQ45 45 280 0.45 50000 60000 2、3 150 0.75 90
GQ75 75 450 2.7 21000 22500 4、6 500 1.5 300
GQ105 105 730 6 19000 21000 6、8 1500 2.2 480
GQ125 125 730 7.4 16000 18000 5、8、9 2000 3.0 520
GQ137 137 730 9 15000 17000 6、8、10 3000 3.0 550
GQ150 142 730 10 15000 17000 8、10、12 3000 3.0 550

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