Sludge Treatment Series of Secondary Biological Treatment Process

Toper Sludge Treatment Series of Secondary Biological Treatment Process

Oxidation ditch in building-site sedimentation tanks, sludge in the settling tank back into the anaerobic hydrolysis acid pool,

Both to improve biomass, nitrification and sludge. This treatment process for the high organic concentration in dyeing wastewater based integrated industrial wastewater treatment.

The main sulfide dyes, paints, petroleum jelly, activity and chemical additives. Treated water is 100m3 / d (refining and bleaching 60m3 / d,
Dyeing 40m3 / d), water quality: pH = 10-12, CODCr = 1000mg / L, BOD5 = 200mg / L ~ 300mg / L, chromaticity of
200 times to 300 times. Anaerobic hydrolysis acidification tank features semi-soft filler, biological contact oxidation pond site SNP new type of filler. Dosing subsequent physico-chemical treatment reaction flotation tank, flotation tank Dosing response characteristics: First off biofilm, suspended solids and other high removal rate can reach 80% to 90%; the second is to remove the high chroma can 95%; third flotation of Hydraulic residence time is short, about 30min, while precipitation water HRT 1 .5h ~ 2h, so the flotation tank and small size, small footprint; Fourth sludge moisture content is low, about 97 % -98%, slag flotation can be directly subjected to dehydration. Therefore, the use of flotation
After pooling the process appears in two distinct features: First, set up only the sludge tank, no sludge thickener and sludge reaction tank, sludge dewatering machine directly into the dewatering process; the second is supposed to be activated sludge back into the anaerobic hydrolysis acidification tank, sludge dosing due to the loss of activity after the reaction, can not return, so the process take biological contact oxidation tank 1: 1 back into the anaerobic hydrolysis acidification tank, in order to strengthen the hydrolysis and acidification. However, the need for additional set using flotation air compressor, pressure dissolved gas cylinders, reflux pumps and other auxiliary systems, operations management is relatively complicated.

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