Current situation of the air filters

1. Current situation of the air filters

Air filter uses three-stage filtration, the first stage uses 20-mesh steel mesh,second stage using bucket filter cartridges, and the three stage is box-type filter.The filter of the total intake air 1200 × 264 = 316800 m3 / h, inlet area of 49 m2,

2. Existing problems :

(1)The primary filtration net of the air filter, did not have protection of front channel.
(2)Air filters poor working environment, too much dust in the air, on-site humidity, causing secondary filter cartridge clogged too fast, filtration segment increased pressure affect gas turbine load operation.
(3) Replac period of the filter cartridge and filter blanket is shorter, and the cartridge and filter blanket of disposable products, increase the operating unit maintenance costs.
(4) Replacement cartridge filter blanket cost large human labor, upper and lower cartridge needs to be replaced every 264 pcs, tertiary filter blanket 104 pcs, it will take more than 10 hours, about 20-30 artificial.

3. Air filter revamping scheme

According to current filter conditions,in the filter inlet surrounded by a closed envelope construction, the installation of air inlet winding positive early effect filter air entering the two cartridge pretreatment, while increasing air inlet filter area increased dust holding capacity early effect of the filter, to extend filter cartridge filter blanket replacement cycle.
Each unit configuration:
Early efficiency filters, 11sets
Dimensions: 1780 (width) × 3800 (height) × 640(length)mm
Case Material: 3.0 mm spray cold-rolled plate
Rated air volume: 60000 m3 / h
Power Plant: pressure control, automatic winding
Other: Includes filter mounting accessories and fixing bolts
The total constant air volume: 480000 m3 / h
Total filtration area: 55 m2

(1) intelligent control system to replace the filter material
The filter is controlled by the pressure differential system replacement filter, without artificially judgment and greatly reduce errors caused by manual operation of waste and energy filter, ensuring optimum efficiency and most economical filter runtime mode.

(2) differential pressure control system
Set pressure switch in and out of the wind surface,and set the filter end of the resistance. When the pressure is greater than or equal to the set value, PLC control motor starters, drive gear, will go to the bottom of a dirty filter, clean the filter into the windward side. Differential pressure value can be adjusted according to their own job site conditions.

(3) filter cotton
Using high-quality synthetic fiber filter, especially suitable for automatic winding filters the continuous winding shaft packing, flexibility, small size, easy to transport and replacement, fluffy and balanced fiber structure, ensures a lower resistance, high dust holding capacity and efficiency. Filter material for the synthetic fiber, the frame material is spray cold-rolled plate; G3 standard filtration efficiency (weight method 80% to 90% efficiency); rated filter surface wind speed: 2.5 m / s, the final resistance is 250 Pa.

(4) Structure
To facilitate the work of the module with a simple design, full account of the transport and on-site assembly requirements. Parts include: basic framework, the top filter box bottom filter material holder, power unit, control box, clean filter, the other assembly parts.

For the air filter’s operation situation of the thermal power plant gas turbine intake system, air filter installed early effect filter, greatly reducing the cost of electricity, enhance economic efficiency unit.

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