Paint workshop process air conditioning filter selection and management

Paint workshop process air conditioning filter selection and management

Different types of paint have different production environment requirements. According to the number of dust control requirements in the paint workshop, and reasonable choose of air conditioning system, configure the filter and proper maintenance and management. Not only to ensure the cleanliness of the paint workshop air to meet production requirements of the premise It can also reduce operating costs of air conditioning systems, to achieve energy-saving purposes.
1.Number of dust allowed in paint workshop.
Dust in the air means not only dust, but also includes a variety of organic compounds may be attached to the film, which will have a negative impact on film performance(such as durability, etc.)
From the view of air quality from spray room, it is generally considered the paint shop spray booths cleanliness required to achieve one hundred thousand or even ten thousand is not accurate, the dust quantitative indicators design in the spray room need to control is far less than the US Federal Standard FS-209E one hundred thousand level (International Standard ISO 14644-1ISO8 level) requirements.

2.Process air conditioning system filter configuration

Currently, there is no relevant standards for clean air spray room level. New build paint workshop air conditioning filter configuration is often used as a G3-F5-F8-F5 (top cotton), but whether this configuration is reasonable?
Usually most of the paint workshop located in the outskirts or industrial areas, for example with typical dust concentration (N1) 20 × 107 pc /m3(≥0.5μm particles), by querying the GB / T 14295-2008 “Air Filter” knows, F8-stage filtration (high middle effect) on ≥0.5μm dust counting efficiency (E) is 70% to 95%, choose the lowest value for this stage filter filtration efficiency η.

3. Selection filter attention

Customers in the re-purchase of filters, often provide the filter models and specifications to the supplier, which directly to the pre-design company/ construction company selected, so there are two drawbacks.
(1) During the design of the air conditioning system, some designers in order to reach the standard of the air cleanliness in the workshop, will slightly improve the configuration level of filter. If long run of original filter types, it will increase costs. Also, the filter supplier unclear the real needs of customers, and provide the product types directly to the requirment lists, and not consider of the actual air usage in the site and install environment requirment, with the different material selection and manufacturing process of the original filter supplier, the filter will easily broken and wind drop due to the filter resistance is too large and so on phenomenon.
(2)Different air conditioning units air volume and numbers of filter configurations varies. and filter supplier after orders tend to order requirements and conventional processes, materials, so that sometimes occur air volume delivery system don’t match the filter types, causing inconvenience to customers. To avoid the above problems, it is recommended customers in the selection of filters, pay attention to the following several factors.
A.Comparison of different filter manufacturers product sample, in the same types of specifications / filter level select the filter resistance smaller suppliers.
B.Try arrange a visit of the filter suppliers, or to provide detail air conditioning system parameters (such as the use of the air volume and the design of the filter segment allows resistance, etc.), ask the supplier to provide the filtering system configuration and product parameters.
C.Ask the supplier to provide the products performance test reports, in order to confirm whether to meet the requirements.

4.Filter maintenance management

Key performance indicators of the filter is filter efficiency and resistance. Filtration efficiency is directly related to air quality in the workshop, and resistance to the wind balance of the entire air conditioning system. After the air conditioning system running for some time, dust will accumulate on the filter, increase air resistance, resulting wind reduces or no wind, winds reduce will reduce indoor ACH to affect the indoor wind makes the filter without any filtering effect. Causing the unbalance of the wind in the site. Visible, although a smaller proportion of filter purchases in the year, but because of great influence on the air conditioning system, so the filter maintenance and management should be given high priority. You should do the following.
A.When you install the filter, you must check the filter is in good condition, install the correct orientation, record the initial resistance of the filter installation.
B.Build daily record system of filter pressure and periodically check the filter using the appearance or absence of abnormality.
C.When filter resistance reaches its final resistance recommendation neighborhood, should be replaced.
D.Most filters are disposable (or can not be cleaned, or from an economic point of view is not worth cleaning).

5. Conclusion

Correct choice of filter and its management, you can reduce the fees of repeatedly replace the filter costs. At the same time filter rational allocation will reduce the resistance inside the machine, thereby reducing the need for electrical power, and save project costs and operating costs to customers.

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