Analysis of Oilfield Produced Water Filter Principle and Application

Analysis of Oilfield Produced Water Filter Principle and Application

First, the produced water quality characteristics

Before the principle of produced water filters for analysis, it is important to emphasize the characteristics of oilfield produced water. Because of its characteristics is the main basis for the filter research. There are different layers according to oil distribution and require different mining technology, for the thick oil mining is relatively easy, direct drilling exploration, and a relatively thin reservoir will need to be extracted pumping crude oil. Regardless of which way to take, after which the oil will leave a residue of crude oil part of the small area, while the remnants of these have been scattered crude oil or oil, we need to join PAM injection of water and a surfactant, come and scattered distribution The oil was taken. Produced water ingredients include suspended solids, oil, total dissolved solids and dissolved gases. According to, and impact on oilfield different ways in different geographical locations and geographical location of oil, produced water composition is very different. But it remains a common feature. Reservoirs of injection water quality requirements are not clogging the pores of seepage injection layer. Permeable layer of different water quality conditions requirements. Water injection is mainly caused by formation plugging suspended solids. Suspended solids produced water source can be many, from the formation of solid particles, such as clay, but also microorganisms such as bacteria, may come from the interaction of dissolved solids and dissolved gases and the resulting insoluble substances, such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, barium sulfate, iron oxide and iron sulfide.
Second, the main principle of the filter and its application
Produced water filters for the main works and research and analysis in the oilfield applications, to better enable us to make further understanding of the filter, to full-featured, develop better quality filter has been developed has played a foundation role. In the following, we will make a thorough study of each filter works and the direction of the main application, analyze the situation when its work and can adapt to unexpected problems and so on.

The main principle (a) of the filter

Oilfield produced water filter works detailed analysis, enabling people to understand their proper use and precautions to improve the efficiency of producing oil fields. The filter works understanding is their interpretation and understanding of theoretical knowledge, only after a thorough understanding of its principles to apply in practice and to better play its due role, in order to protect oil production rate to avoid the exploitation of resources and the cost of waste oil. The nature of the filter material for taken into consideration is the use of different components of the water separation, mainly separation of suspended solids and water. Typical filtration equipment filter layer and supporting structure includes layers abstract diagram + filter schematic diagram. Filter media interception of the suspended matter can be divided into screening effect and adsorption. Screening effect for the larger suspended particles, since the filter layer can not be trapped in the surface of the filter layer; and in spite of the smaller suspended particles can enter the filter layer, but when the particles pass the filter layer in contact with the filter medium, adsorbed is filtered in the filter layer, which is adsorption. For as sand filters and other deep-bed filter, you can filter out particles far smaller than the pores of the filter layer, indicating that the work mechanism is adsorption rather than screening role.
(B) filter main application direction
Oil filter light filter used mainly walnut shell filter, the same basic structure of such filters and filtration principle and quartz sand filters, the difference is smaller as the density of walnut shell filter backwash in Under the action of water has become the fluidized bed filter layer, microporous gap formed by the filter is canceled, suspended solids can be desorbed adsorption. Therefore, this filter is a non-fixed pore filters, strong backwash regeneration, filter performance and stability, suitable for high-permeability formations produced water filtration water quality requirements. But if the water contains oil, then it is easy to plug and easy to backwash. Many researchers at home and abroad have been based on the hydrophilic properties of the ceramic material and hopes ceramic membrane treatment of produced water, but after research, generally considered the film is still difficult to solve pollution problems. Membrane fouling is a very complex issue, but one thing is certain, that there are a lot of organic pollutants is well established, but most tend to focus on the film itself and less consider supporting layer. In addition, some domestic research institutes are studying not lipophilic fiber and fiber modification technology, aimed at such a filter for filtering the oil produced water, we have made great progress. If you can force the fiber material itself adsorption oil is reduced to a sufficient extent, tow filter will become low permeability oilfield produced water reinjection water filtration of the ideal equipment.
Third, use of filter optimization measures
Optimization (i) the use of the process and its structure
To alert the scientific rationalization of oilfield produced water treatment, we need to oilfield local groundwater quality characteristics, to take appropriate measures to establish appropriate procedures, according to the adaptive capacity and processing power oil exploration equipment, intensification of oil extraction, measurement avoid waste of resources. In the optimization process to use the process in use, to be flexible and respond to a situation that may arise, in order to be able to achieve the most efficient way Eligible Indexes. Produced water filter design application process, it is necessary to consider the speed over the water, but also consider the use of short-term kick to restore the regenerative properties of the filter; In addition to selecting the right filter based on water quality, but also to filter the water distribution system process optimization design, adapt to the scene, trying to process simple and reliable; reasonable internal distribution of water, high washing efficiency, using less backwash water to achieve the best possible backwash effect, reducing the impact on the system.
(B) filter regeneration Optimization
How to solve the space formed trapped within the filter, the filter media is to extend the life cycle, to ensure that the most important issue filter run rate. The key to solving this problem is to ensure thorough cleaning filter to reduce suspended solids deep penetration. By improving cleaning methods to make optimum filter regeneration mode. Through various types of filter research, now more practical approach is to change the filter regeneration mode, in the backwash process to maximize the deposits from the filter surface, so that the filter regeneration, by various methods Washed media re-formation of the new filter bed, thereby restoring the filter performance.

Significance (c) use of filters

Actively take measures in accordance with the various departments oil quality, resource acquisition needed for the construction and social development, in order to be able to meet a variety of reservoir water quality conditions for oilfield produced water filters urgently develop technology to make a significant investment by technology. However, due to the filter works and its application in oil fields and no in-depth understanding led to the produced water filter technology and application development technology is imperfect, and thus oil extraction technology, efficiency and quality of impact. Construction of China’s economic base growing dependence on oil, if there is a problem in this critical part of oil exploration, will be economic development and hinder the role of social construction. Therefore, the development of oil recovery technology, for the development and construction of society is crucial.


Of produced water filter works and oilfield applications, research and analysis, for the development and transformation of the new audit filter there is extremely important, he not only played a profound impact on oilfield technology, but also on the urgent need for oil supply Social construction industry indirectly play a positive role. However, due to the diversity and complexity of the oil fields, leading to excessive development of new technologies and product improvement factors produced water filter, thereby resulting in the research process is relatively slow. But in the face of difficulties, we should adopt a positive attitude, not afraid of coming difficulties. Successful road is by no means easy, that is, only the customer service development and improvement of the filter difficult to get to the country, the community, the oil has beneficial aspects of people’s success. Although research work on the filters is imminent, but the research does not mean that it can blindly. It should be done scientifically and effectively develop technology research, so as to at the lowest cost in exchange for maximum benefits.

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