inquiry about membrane filter press and hydraulic automatic filter press from india

December 2014, we received the inquiry about membrane filter press and hydraulic automatic filter press from Mr. Dhananjay, product manager of NG Fertilizers & Chemicals Pvt Lt. The customer has a very clear understanding of the product he aimed at, and given specific requirements and technical parameters of the model. Then informed us of visiting China in January, in order to make a final decision.

According to customer needs immediately gives a detailed quotation, and sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory, so that both sides have a more in-depth knowledge and understanding in order to establish a more profound trust in business cooperation.

January 30 customers came to Zhengzhou, and the January 31 and February 1 two days on our products in-depth communication and understanding.
After confirmation of customer information, in accordance with our agreed time schedule of the vehicle received customer directly from the hotel to the factory. From plates workshop to filter cloth cutting, from the welding of filter frame ,sand blasting for removing rust ,to variety of models shown in the finished product workshop, between the production process from design concept to automatic boom door system, conveyor belts and other multi-function equipment choice, whether the technical engineer Mr. Rambabu, or its general manager Mr. Hari Kiran, have shown a keen interest in, and quite satisfied with production scale of our company, processing capacity and plant strength , given high praise.

After visiting the plant, the two sides back to the conference room, on some of the more specific technical parameters and working conditions, operation details, delivery cycle, installation instructions were discussed, Mr. Rambabu require further offer of models 600 square and 300 square membrane filter press as part of its procurement plans for reference.
Subsequently, our updated quotation has been confirmed by customers. As the customers have other travel arrangements, follow-up work will be further expanded after the customer return home.

Zhengzhou Toper production of membrane filter press is an efficient, high quality, with a wide range of applications chamber filter. With a high pressure press, good corrosion resistance and easy maintenance, safe and reliable, is also considered an alternative and upgrade equipment of ordinary chamber filter, is the first choice in the industry such as metallurgy, coal, paper, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, chemical and so on.
During use, when the end of the feed, can be injected into the high pressure fluid or gas medium in the diaphragm plate, then the entire diaphragm will muster oppression cake, thereby achieving the cake’s further dehydrated, usually speaking as the secondary squeezing.
In processing capacity per unit area, reducing cake moisture, adaptability to deal with aspects of the nature of the materials have shown good results.

Membrane filter press applied in slurry and sewage treatment, compared to traditional chamber filter, the cake solids rate can highest be increased more than 2 times, greatly reduced cake transportation costs , filter cake can be directly into power plant burning, really turned sludge into resources, sewage into clear spring water.




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