Toper Exporting DY750 Stainless Steel Belt Filter Press to Iran

Toper Exporting DY750 Stainless Steel Belt Filter Press to Iran
On mid-March, Mr.Amir inquiry Zhengzhou Toper Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd about the phosphoric acid sludge separation issue. Amir said they used many types filter press before, because the raw material is hold the corrosive effect, so some of the machines were broken by the acid before. They are urgent to find the suitable machine for the phosphoric acid.The machine is exporting on 22th,May,2015

In this case, Toper technical team had some meetings to discuss about the Mr. Amir situation, Toper holds some views below:

The normal carbon steel could not anti corrosive process, so we select the SS 304 and the high quality rubber as the DY belt filter press main making material
Because Mr.Amir have a pool to collect the acid liquid, so we setting a flat gravity zone as the start feeding part.
The acid liquid is very dangerous, people could not use the hand to touch, and may it will corrosive the land. For the environmental thinking, We using the bottom collect tray for the protect.

All in all, Toper wish Mr.Amir could using the DY belt filter press well in the future.Moreover, Toper experts will help every client solve the separation issue.

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