silica filter press

silica introduction

MF SiO2 • nH2O, having good activity and adsorption rate, good reinforcing effect, has a high insulating resistance, insoluble in water and acids (except hydrofluoric acid), was dissolved in caustic soda, do not decompose under high temperature. Its whiteness, white reinforcing filler instead of carbon black filled in rubber can significantly improve the physical properties of the plastic material has become. In addition to the rubber products, widely used in paint, ink, feed, pesticides, fire extinguishing agents, paper and other industries.

filter press used in silica

Silica Filter Press  plates are designed similar like chamber plates described above. A flexible membrane is fixed to the support body. The material for the membranes is polypropylene. The membrane is impermeable and compresses the cake within the chamber after the filtration process is completed. Liquid or air (compressed air) can be used as membrane inflation media.

working principle:

1. Working by oil tank. the piston rod will push the movable seat, pressing filter plates to form sealed chambers. It could prevent the slurry from spurting and leakage when sending the slurry with pressure. 2. The slurry is sent to every sealed filter chamber by the feeding pump with pressure, going into filter plates and filter cloths. The clean water will be filtered out from the filter plate water outlet by the filter cloth, but the solid is kept in the chambers, to separate solid and liquid

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