filter press used in the chlor-alkali salt mud

Salt mud Profile

Salt as the main raw material by electrolytic method Built taken chlorine, hydrogen and caustic soda in the slurry discharged referred to as the salt mud, the main component of the Mg (OH) 2, CaC03, BaSO4. And sediment. Production using the mercury method (mercury electrode) the salt slurry containing mercury compounds. Mercury the salt mud discharged into the environment, pollution of soil and water, and less toxic inorganic mercury in the natural environment will be transformed into highly toxic methylmercury. When using high-quality salt and alkali, each production lt alkali salt mud about 10-25kg;

The Chlor-alkali salt mud treatment method

Developed countries maintain a free chlorine in dilute brine in the 38-42mg / L within the scope of the method, greatly reducing mercury in the refining process in the amount of precipitation, salt mud in the mercury content of less than 20mg/kg. Solid treatment of the treated mercury salt mud Add to mercury the fixative and cement mortar buried in the ground or into the deep sea.

Chlor-alkali salt mud filter press for sale

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