Filter Press Application

In order to reach solid-liquid separation,the filter press is rely on the cooperation of filter cloth. While the filter cloth and the hardware parts of filter press are two completely different individuals, how they fit perfectly together under the action of it?

The first is the variety styles of cloth fixed on the device.

First to introduce that filter cloth is mixed in the filter plate,the filter plate one by one with the filter cloth to form a fully enclosed filter structure, the question is how the filter plate and filter cloth to form such a structure ?

The answer is strong pressure which the filter press imposed on filter cloth.To be more clearly,under pressure of the hydraulic system ,the filer plates of filter press continued close filter cloth,squeezing,and pasted together, even splice between the filter plates has some flaws stress can make cloth deformation, so that the seams sealed among filter plates.

Meanwhile filter cloth are flat on the front of the filter plates, under pressure, so that the cloth firmly on the edge of the filter plate , so not either fixed cloth, but also sealed the chamber spliced by the filte plates, and generating the necessary condition for object filtering .

Thus the plates and the cloth good combination together, but just combination is note enough ,they should also jointly coordinate to do the work.

Other equipment of the filter press is to filter the filtrate , the set up a stand so that the filter cloth and the filtrate holder nice touch and, finally make a certain role for filtered liquid .

Cloth needs the filter press inlet the filtrate, so that both sides of the filter cloth to form a certain range of pressure difference, the material filtration by filter cloth also need to be well separated ,can not be mixed again, these process is is required other parts to complete.

But the only other part of the filter device is not enough to achieve the separation filter, which reflects the important role of the filter cloth. Based on the designed filter structure, liquid inlet by the filter press will contact with the filter cloth, due to pressure difference on both sides of the filter plates, liquid of the natural mixture solution to pass through the filter cloth,and solid on the interception in the cloth, thus achieving a solid-liquid separation.

So perfectly coordinate of the hardware and filter cloth filter can be achieved on the solid-liquid separation.

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