Bleaching powder filter press

Bleaching powder

The main ingredient is calcium chloride and calcium hypochlorite. The active ingredients are: calcium hypochlorite. Water that is generated hypochlorous acid decomposition of chlorine. Can be disinfected, bleach clothing, wood, and so on. The usefulness of a very wide range. The tap also contain bleaching powder.


First calcination of limestone and anthracite ratio of 1: (0.11 to 0.13) is intermittently added from the top of the lime kiln lime kiln, the temperature is controlled at 800 ~ 1200 ° C, the generated lime is intermittently discharged from the bottom of the kiln, water was added to digest slaked lime, you get a small amount of free water, aging more than 8 days, the auger sent to the winnowing System Cleaner. Slaked lime powder cyclone gas-solid phase separation. Containing 3% to 6% free moisture, particulate slaked lime, slaked lime Position auger was added from a fourth layer in the chlorination tower, chlorine (liquid chlorine liquefaction exhaust) pass into the first layer from the chlorination tower, bleach finished by chlorination tower of the first layer is discharged.

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