optimize of the filter press performance

Constantly optimize of the filter performance is key to expanding market share

China’s filter development started late, but this does not hinder the expansion of its market size and upgrading, experts predict, filter equipment needs in environmental, chemical, mineral processing and other industries will exceed 7 billion.
Toper think filter has been able to flourish and widely used in various industries, the biggest advantage is the positive pressure, high pressure dehydration, the pressure is much greater than conventional vacuum filter, and thus low cake moisture , low energy consumption, and the filtrate is clear and transparent. With sewage treatment skills progress, showing a variety of filter sewage treatment equipment, wastewater treatment using a plate and frame filter press is the most simple, low-cost method.

Sewage treatment is an important part of urban construction and economic development, creation of a large number of demands for the filter industry, and to stimulate the transformation and innovation in filter industry.We believe the next development in research for sewage treatment filter equipment will be the focus of attention of many manufacturers, welcomed the further market development.
Zhengzhou Toper as the well-known brands in filter press industery,supplied solid-liquid separation processing program for tens of thousands of traders and consumers .
Information technology continues to evolve in the market at this stage, Toper committed to providing customers with comprehensive, multi-angle industrial plan, so that companies are free to choose, for business cooperation based on their actual conditions and characteristics, complete trade.
Toper company will continue efforts to gradually improve our professional models and service models, thereby creating more value for our customers.

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