Filter press filter medium matching methods

Filter press filter medium matching methods
Toper filter press filter medium matching methods is mainly according to filter press properties. And now filter press is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection and many other industries, and they are devided into chamber filter press, plate and frame filter press, belt filter press, vertical filter press, membrane filter press and so on, so it need scientific method to choose filter press and filter cloth.
1.To consider the slurry chemical and physical properties, select the cloth material. For filter cloth, should be detail understand of the infos factory give you.
2.We need to meet the filtration accuracy of the filter press, which is cloth permeability. Although the filter cloth played an important role in initial filtering accuracy for filter press, but not initially filtration accuracy is as high as possible, to consider the filtering accuracy can be able to meet the minimum requirements is ok. After the cake layer is formed due to filter in the filter for some time, interception of cloth is very small, and good cake layer formation is the key to the use of technology filter press.
3.When choosing filter cloth, another point you need to pay attention is the cake release properties, in general, cloth smooth surface, the cake discharge faster and filtering operation time is short, the efficiency is high. If the cake is hard to discharge on the filter cloth, it will extend the filter press operating time, and reduce efficiency. However, when replacing the filter cloth, it takes a lot of time and energy of.
4.Also note that the choice of filter cloth filter cloth select good regeneration properties. Good regeneration properties of the filter cloth can be washed directly on the filter press, reducing the filter cloth change times. Replace the filter cloth after simple treatment (drying, washing, etc.) back to the filtration efficiency above 80%.
5.Finally, special consideration is to choose cloth filtration experiments conducted on the material, since the use of filter technology is an experimental technology. The material sample filtration experiments investigated the filtration rate of the filter cloth, trapping effect, the cake moisture content, cake discharge performance, regeneration properties and so on.

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