Plate-frame type filter press features

Plate-frame type filter press features

(I) Manual operation plate-frame type filter press consist of filter elements like filter frames, filter cloth and filter plates. filter plates and the rack which can pressing (hand wheel, jack)the filter elements. The thrust plate end of each hole , respectively, the feeder holes, the washing liquid inlet aperture,the filtrate discharged liquid collection hole, drip washing liquid discharge hole and the like. Depending on your choice of filter type setup the line. (II). Hydraulic compress plate-frame type filter press consist of the host (rack and filter chamber), hydraulic components and electrical and other components.

Host part

Host by the two beams, the ends are fixed on both sides of the push plate and cylinder seat only, constitute rack. On the left and right vertical beams on hold, in order of priority are a number of filter chamber by the filter frame, filter plates, filter cloth consisting of; and for moving horizontally along the beam. Pressing plate and rod hinge. Moved by the front and rear hydraulic cylinder piston driven, pressed filter frame, the filter plate, after reaching the hydraulic operating pressure, rotate the lock nut locking packing. Then turn off the motor, you can feed the filter.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic components composed by the hydraulic accessories (oil tank and oil filter), hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, and so on. Hydraulic oil is subject to 20μm pore size filter, fuel line to the upper level, the motor driving oil, oil pressure solenoid valve into the cylinder; filter chamber pushes the piston complete compression and relaxation processes.

Electrical components

Electrical components mounted on the right side of the fuel tank, steering element is mounted on the right side cylinder block

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