Efficient fine sand filter in the Dust-proof water system

1.Structure of efficient fine sand filter, the structure is very simple as the following,It’s mainly consist of shell, water inlet, water distribution plate, waste water inlet, service port, sand, multi-holes plate, water cap, water outlet and so on.
2.Working principle of efficient fine sand filter.
(1)Full filtering state
When the system is filtering state, unfiltered water through a special water distribution system, with a state close to the stratospheric, to reach the inward filter medium layber in the filter. When waste water flow through the filter meduim, suspension will be retained, and the clear water will be collected from the bottom collecting system of the filter. And flow out out from the outlet.
(2) Backwash state
As the impurity continues to accumulate, the pressure will continue to increase. When the head pressure losses up to a certain set limit, the system will automatically switch to backwash itself, to bachwash the filter by the producing clear water itself, to remove the imurities accumulated. Filter backwash is done one by one, a filter backwashing, part of the production of other water filtration unit after filtration washing the filter layer making up from the bottom water distributor, causing turbulent disturbance, and the retained impurities will be released out through the discharge port.(the backwash process can be automatically finished according to the inlet and outlet pressure difference.)
3.Advantages of efficient fine sand filter
Compare with traditional filter, fine sand filter adopt special head, and the height of the entire head is reduced by about 1 times, the volume of the head is reduced to about 2 times, during backwashing, because of the backwash flow rate is fixed, when reach to the same effect, the backwash time can be reduced by 30%, and backwash water consumption to reduce of about 25%.
In the backwash frequency, due to the use of intelligent monitoring technology, allows the system to automatically adjust the backwash frequency based on water coming conditions, so make the maximum utilization of water resources, asignificant reduction in water resources, and indirectly reducing system energy consumption.
Since the filter unit and filter medium of fine sand filter, is based on site specific water quality characteristics to design and precise deployment, so the effect never can be reached of other conventional techniques.
Due to highly integrated signal acquisition, data processing and feedback, each execution unit and other related aspects, the system has high intelligence automatic adjustment function, is unattended operation system.

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