Ceramic membrane filter applied in continuous casting wastewater treatment

Ceramic membrane filter applied in continuous casting wastewater treatment

1.Continuous casting machine cooling turbid circulating water of the secondary water spray characteristics

Continuous casting machine cooling turbid circulating water of the secondary water spray due to the cooling water in direct contact with the device, the device surface iron oxide particles, metal dust and grease and other impurities into the water, these contaminants can easily form a greater bond sticky sludge .
Clay is easily attached to the pipe, water equipment and water treatment equipment, for continuous casting production has brought great harm. The adhesive on the pipe, the pipe diameter will be reduced, to reduce or increase the water flow resistance of the pipe, causing corrosion of the pipeline; adhering to the nozzle device, easily clogged pore size of 1 ~ 3 mm nozzle, spray uneven, resulting in billet uneven cooling, reducing the cooling efficiency; adhere to the filter, easy to plug the filter, causing the filter compaction, short flow filter, the filter does not work properly, causing serious casting production.

2.The ceramic membrane filter characteristics

2. 1 Structure
Ceramic membrane filter is mainly composed of tanks, flower top and bottom plates, ceramic membrane filter (medium) tube, purge coil, manholes, inlet and oulet water pipe, sewage and drainage pipe and other components.

2. 2 Filter media
Ceramic filter media by a number of size distribution, arch-shaped opening pores interconnected components. When waste water from these tiny holes through, suspended matter, colloidal particles, organic molecules are trapped in the filter medium surface, the fluid passage through the pores produce a variety of physical effects, achieve mechanical sieve purification or spread, fluidized other effects .
Ceramic membrane corrosion resistance, high temperature, high mechanical strength and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, porosity, interception capability, backwash effect. Under the influence of fluid pressure, pore deformation, easy to clean, renewable, non-existent chaos sand filter layer and compaction problems.

2.3 Working principle

Turbid circulating water from the inlet port into the oil collection chamber, because the large volume of oil collection chamber , solution flow rate small, muddy circulating water in the oil chamber set to stay a long time, turbid water carried by the oil ring all gathered in the gathering room on the top floor the accumulation of a certain amount of time, periodically discharged from the discharge port; suspension under its own gravity and external pressure, the porous ceramic membrane filter on the wall to reach the filter chamber is discharged through the outlet pipe at the same time, the impurities trapped filtered down, and deposited sediment chamber, set a certain amount of product, the outfall discharged into to the next step.
Equipment operation for some time, under the action of the water, some impurities deposited on the surface of the ceramic membrane filter tube reduces the flow, running in parallel in the process filter backwash water, in order to facilitate the increased regeneration ceramic membrane filter tube.

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