Self-cleaning filter application prospects

Self-cleaning filter application prospects

Zhengzhou Toper Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd self-cleaning filter is widely used in, source water filtration, cooling water filtration, process water filtration, waste water treatment and so on. self-cleaning filter can improve the efficiency of heat exchange device, extend the life of rolling equipment, also can protect the membrane in membrane

separation equipment.

It can be used in agriculture: agricultural irrigation, lawn irrigation, gardening irrigation and provide better protection of various irrigation equipment(sprinklers, drip irrigation, spray nozzles, etc.)
Self-cleaning filter comes from Israel, due to Israel is extremely dry. Israel was forced to develop a variety of water management technology and water-saving new technology. They first invented the first self-cleaning filter and used for agricultural irrigation, drip irrigation and gradually developed into industrial and various industries.
Similarly, China is facing water shortage problems. Haihe River Basin as an example: the Haihe River Basin has high population density, especially of large and medium-sized cities, like Beijing, Tianjin, and Shijiazhuang, Tangshan,
The area of Haihe River basin is more than 30 million square kilometers, an area of 11 Israel, and the water resources is nearly to Israel.
The rapid development of the petroleum, chemical, iron and steel industry, put forward higher requirments of the implementation of cleaner production.
Self-cleaning filter has many applications in petroleum, chemical, steel and electricity, is an important cleaner production equipment. With the shortage of water resources in China, the rapid development of industry, environmental degradation, self-cleaning filter is bound to get more and more attention. Former UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar had mentioned: “ast of mankind’s most terrible war, the future of mankind most terrible is the shortage of freshwater resources” China’s industrial water re-use and low utilization of renewable water technology is relatively backward, low water use efficiency. These all indicate self-cleaning filter will have rapid development in our country.

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