Clarification of Apple Juice Processing

Clarification of Apple Juice Processing

1.Process: raw material selection → washing and sorting → broken → press → coarse filter fine filter → → → clarify sugar and acid adjustment → degassing → sterilization → packaging.

2. Technical Note:
Purchase and intermediate

(1) raw material storage: usually purchase in bulk or packaged form large basket. Use internal intermediate storage warehouse.

(2)Cleaning and selection: Before processing, apple and selection of raw materials must be cleaned to remove dirt and rotting fruit. Juice processing enterprises generally use water trough were Apple’s pre-cleaning job, which is generally in a vertical or horizontal screw conveyor complete with water jets. Brush fruit washing machine can be well cleaned apples. After cleaning before or cleaning by hand and selected on the conveyor belt. Corruption can not be used to process raw apple juice.

(3) crushing and pulp processing: crushing apple juice should be adopted in line with the technological requirements. Use the parcel juicers, pulp should be fine granularity, preferably 2 to 6 mm; while the use of room type, belt or screw juicer, pulp particles should be larger. Remain until the beginning of juice pulp granularity. Pulp without intermediate storage directly sent to the juice.

Enzyme treatment the pulp is rapidly heated to 40 ~ 45 ℃, stirred vessel for 15 to 20 minutes, the ventilation (pre-oxidation), adding 0.02% to 0.03% high active enzyme, for 3 to 4 hours at 45 ℃ intermittently slow stirring. Preparation of enzyme-treated pulp with apple juice juice has improved significantly.

(4)juice and extracts: for many types of apple juice, pulp juice machine is in motion, thus obtained polymer contains a lot of apple juice. Ripe fresh raw juice was 68% to 86% on average from 78% to 81%. Storage feedstock or raw material over cooked, the juice yield dropped significantly. Increase juice aids or enzymatic treatment may increase the juice yield. Apple contains 1.5% to 5% of water-soluble substances, in theory, the juice can reach 95% to 98.5%, but by squeezing method, the average apple juice yield is actually only 78% ~ 81%, apple residue still contains part of the apple juice. After the juice, usually centrifugation method for removing apple juice in large pulp particles.

(5) Clarification and filtration: apple juice clarification process is very important, not handled properly, in the finished product is prone to turbidity and sedimentation. If it is stored over the apple raw materials, the use of hydraulic juicer juicer or screw press, apple juice are more vulnerable to precipitate or turbidity. By enzymatic treatment can not only break down polymers, pectin, pulp particles and cell debris, completely dissolved therein simple compounds can also be decomposed – galacturonic acid or oligomeric galacturonic acid. Therefore it must enzymes, fining agents and treatment processes for apple juice clarification. Commonly used fining agents apple juice gelatin and gelatin a silica gel a bentonite compound clarifying agent. Pre-treatment to be pre-cleared test to determine the best dosage clarifying agent. The amount of clarifying agent generally gelatin: silica: bentonite = 1: 10: 5. When clarification, gelatin solution added first, mixed and precipitated from 1 to 2 hours after addition of silica gel was added.

Apple juice apple juice clarification must also consider whether it contains starch. As long as the presence of residual starch in raw apple, it will greatly affect the clarifying effect. Before clarifying apple juice is heated to more than 60 ~ 65 ℃, it will reduce the impact on the clarification of the starch. Amylase with a special preparation or has some amylase activity of pectinolytic enzymes can break down the juice soluble starch, starch enzymes commonly used dosage of 2 to 3 g / 100 liters of juice, in exceptional circumstances increase the amount of enzyme treatment until satisfactory results so far. Juice amylase treatment temperature should not exceed 35 ℃, it can be used simultaneously amylase and pectinase. Enzyme treatment for 6 to 12 hours to completely break down the starch in the juice. Juice clarification, with the frame type filter or diatomaceous earth filter device.

(6)component adjustment: mainly to adjust the sugar and acid. Whether it is apple juice or other fruit juices and feel important quality factor is sugar-acid ratio. Usually the fruit juice made with sugar and acid ratio of 10: 1 to 15: 1. However, the actual production, due to the different materials used, than there are differences of sugar and acid. Adjustment can be satisfied only by the flavor ingredients. Usually the finished sugar content of 12%, acidity of 0.35%, and adding an appropriate amount of perfume. However, adjustments must comply with the relevant components of food regulations.

(7)sterilization: squeeze the juice, for sterilization and passivation oxidase and pectinase, prompting thermal coagulation substance solidified juices should be heated immediately. Commonly used sterilization methods are high-temperature short-time pasteurization or sterilization (HTST). Apple juice pH value of less than 4.5, sterilization may be less than 100 ℃, also can kill microorganisms in the juice. So generally use multi-tube or sheet type instant sterilization is heated to above 95 ℃, for 15 to 30 seconds, after sterilization hot filling.

(8) Filling: Filling the container with a metal paint cans and glass bottles. In the modern juice processing, filling machines vacuum filling machines, isobaric filling machine and filling machine and semi-automatic counter pressure filling machine. Clarified apple juice usually hot filling process

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