Activated carbon working principle

Activated carbon working principle

Activated carbon filters are the use of granular activated carbon filter to further remove mechanical impurities residual chlorine in the water, organic matter, suspended solids, providing favorable conditions for the subsequent reverse osmosis treatment.

Activated carbon filters are the use of high carbon content, molecular weight, high specific surface area activated carbon organic floc physical adsorption of water impurities, to water quality requirements.

When the flow of water through the pores of the activated carbon, a variety of suspended solids, organic substances under the action of Van der Waals forces are adsorbed in the pores of the activated carbon; while adsorbed on the activated carbon surface chlorine (hypochlorous acid) react in the carbon surface, is reduced to chlorine ions, thereby effectively removing chlorine, chlorine ensure water content of less than 0.1ppm, satisfy RO membrane operating conditions.

Activated carbon within the pores over time and trapped between the particles gradually increases, so that the differential pressure across the filter will be increased until failure. Under normal circumstances, according to the differential pressure across the filter, using reverse filter backwash water, make the most of the activated carbon adsorption in the pores of trapped water and peeled away, restore the adsorption function; when the activated carbon adsorption capacity reached saturation and complete failure,should regeneration or replacement of the activated carbon to deal with, in order to meet the engineering requirements

When the activated carbon filter due to excessive mechanical impurities trapped affecting its normal work, the backwash method can be used for cleaning. Using reverse water, make the inner sand filter blanket loose , the filter can adhere to the surface of the water trapped peeled and recoil away in favor of exclusion of filter layer sediment, suspended solids, and to prevent the filter material compaction to fully recover interception, dechlorination ability to achieve the goal of cleaning. Backwash use the inlet and outlet pressure parameter settings to control the backwash cycle, usually three to four days, depending on the specific raw water turbidity.

Activated carbon filter made of stainless steel operating valve, filter departure, the washing, backwashing, shut-down procedure has manual control operations. When the activated carbon filter inlet-outlet pressure differential run to 0.05 ~ 0.07MPa, must be backwashing. Activated carbon replacement period of six months to one year.

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