Activated carbon filter process

Activated carbon filter process

Activated carbon adsorption filter media within the bottom can be filled with 0.15 to 0.4 meters high quartz sand suction, as a support layer, quartz sand particles can be 20-40 mm, can be filled with 1.0-1.5 meters of granular activated carbon on the quartz sand layer as a filter layer. Filling thickness is 1000-2000mm.

Before to load activated carbon filter, bottom quartz sand filter need the stability test solution, soak for 24 hours, meet the following requirements: to increase the amount of all solid type thereof is not more than 20mg / L. Increase in oxygen consumption does not exceed 10mg / L. After soaking in an alkaline medium, increasing the silica is not more than 10mg / L. Quartz sand rinse in activated carbon filter after loading equipment should be carefully cleaned, rinsed down by the water, dirty water is discharged from the bottom, until the water clarification, and then into granular activated carbon filter, then wash, water flow from the bottom to the upper, dirty water is discharged from the upper.

The main role of activated carbon filter to remove organic molecules and iron oxides, chlorine. This is because the organic matter, chlorine, iron oxide is easy to make the ion exchange and resin poisoning, and chlorine, cationic surface active agents not only make the resin poisoning, but also undermine the membrane structure, then the reverse osmosis membrane failure.

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