Tips for activated carbon filter

Tips for activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters used in high humidity, if requested, in a high temperature environment of high efficiency filter, you must select high temperature, high humidity filter paper and the partition plate, casing materials to meet production requirements. If the working environment is biological clean room and pharmaceutical clean room, a filter must be selected metal casing, and its surface should not rust, does not allow the use of wood-framed panels filter to prevent producing bacteria, affect product qualification rate. Instruction manual:

1. Equipment Selection

Before the selection, the system name must be clear, water quality, water quality, system pressure, degree of automation and other basic parameters.

2. device installation

① catchment system installed, open the top cover (or the flange cover). ② Remove the water distribution system. ③ turn to wash the filter mount large gravel, small gravel (ie supporting layer). ④ loaded washed activated carbon (ie filter layer). ⑤ Replace the cover (or on the flange lid) and the corresponding ring, tighten (or tighten the fixing bolts). ⑥ operating system piping connections and respective other connections. Note: The top cover (or on the flange lid), water distribution system, drainage system and cylinder seals must be properly installed between, in order to avoid leakage binding site.

3. Equipment

① close the total power, power indicator light, at the same time check that the inlet valve to open properly, intake pump is operating normally. Into the water tank in the middle level and above. ② run a. Open the activated carbon filter motivated valve V2 and V5 under the drain valve and the inlet valve V1. b. Start into the pump. When the next outlet drain valve V5, regulate water flow to the rating. When the water is clear, open the valve V7, close down the drain valve V5, backward channel equipment and bottled water. ③ backwash When the activated carbon filter to extend the running time, which increases the water pressure, when the filter differential pressure increases 0.05-0.07Mpa, equipment needs backwashing. a. Open the inlet valve at the inlet valve V4 and V1, the drain valve V3. b. Start into the pump, adjust the inlet valve V1, so that the amount of water as large as possible. Backwash time is about 20-45 minutes. Then close into the pump, close the valves. ④ flushing After each backwash end, the need for flushing. a. Open motivated valve V2 and the inlet valve V1, under the drain valve V5. b. Start into the pump, adjust the inlet valve V1, to control the amount of water into the water as normal. The main technical parameters: Working Pressure: 0.05MPa ~ 0.6MPa Operating temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ (Special temperature can be customized) Single flow: 0.5 m / h ~ 125 m / h Operating modes: manual or automatic control Product Specifications: ф173 ~ ф3500 Filtration speed: 5m / h ~ 12m / h maximum 15m / h English Material: 304,316L, Q235 with rubber or epoxy coating The washing time of about 15-30 minutes, until the next discharge water is clear so far. Then close into the pump, close the valves.

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