In January 10, 2017, Cambodian customer Serge ordered round plate filter press XY20 / 800-25U complete the delivery.

Round plate filter press, because of its high filtration pressure, widely used in stone waste water, ceramics, kaolin, building materials and other industries. Filtration area: 20-80m2. Filtration pressure: 1-2.5Mpa The filter press is a kind of intermittent work filtration equipment, is used in various liquid-solid separation of suspension. He is to rely on the compacting device to compact the filter plate to form the filter chambers, and then the pump delivery suspension into the filter chamber, through the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of solid particles and liquid material separation, widely used in mining, metallurgy, oil , Chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, paper, food, alcohol, inorganic salts, coal washing and sewage treatment and other fields. In addition to round plate filter presses, we also provide diaphragm filter press, cast iron filter press, stainless steel filter press and other filters. If you need, contact us freely!

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