Uzbekistan round plate filter press Case

Uzbekistan round plate filter press Case

On 13th. January, 2015, Zhengzhou Toper Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd have been exported two sets round plate filter press to Uzbekistan and finished the custom declaration work. According to EU standard, Toper’s round filter press is private designed for Kaolin solid and liquid separation production. Along with the trade process going on, It is no doubt that Toper’s Products get the filter press status in the global market gradually.

The purchaser Mr.Artyom from Uzbekistan, who prepare to implement the kaolin production project in the Tashkent. He contacted with Renzo on 15th, October, 2014. After the primary communication, we started help Mr.Artyom matching the suitable filter press for the kaolin production project.
Machine Matching Analysis:

First, this project not holds the huge capacity per day, around 5-8 tons for every day. According to Toper past experience, for the kaolin production, we often select the round filter press for client. In the round filter press series, the XM40/800-25 could meet the client production target. This filter press’s chamber volume is 500L, for the day capacity is 4 tons. Therefore we advice client purchase 2 sets, when the production is is lower, another one filter press could stop work.

Then, for the solid content is 30% factor, Toper’s final aim is help client meet the lowest moisture content request.So we select the high pressure and high temperature filter plates for Mr.Artyom, if using this kind filter plate, the pressure will booming high reach to the 1.2 Mpa and the moisture rate could drop down.

Project information:

1.The raw material: Kaolin
2.Solid content: 30%
3.Capacity:5-8 tons per day.
4.Operation time: 8 hours per day

Business Negotiation Flow:

15th,10,2014: Starting the matching work for Mr.Artyom
28th,10,2014: Finish the matching work, start the price negotiation phase.
07th,11,2014: Starting the contract negotiation work.
13th.,11,2014: Toper starting production phase.
13th,01,2015: Finishing the custom declaration and delivery work.

In the whole process, Mr.Artyom and his work mates contact closely with Toper, the process make both of us happy and well-pleasing. Top wish Mr.Artyom’s kaolin project could booming up in the new year!

To help clients solve the difficult separation issue, it is our forever mission!

Expecting Toper could help everyone in the future!

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