The High-tech of Filter Press

The High-tech of Filter Press

Zhengzhou Toper filter between the development of several decades, with the most primitive simple filtration equipment developed into a modern smart devices today contain a lot of high technology, from it, you can see large modern human wisdom . How these high-tech technology applied on the filter press equpment? And which kind of hi-tech is? what does?

We come to you today about the filter in the analysis of high-tech.

First, is the photoelectric sensors. Toper’s photoelectric sensing technology is the development and extension of modern electromagnetic induction, this technology can get the light and electrical good communication together to achieve the synchronization of light and electricity.

This is applicable in the automatic drawing-board of automatic hydraulic filter press.When the filter running the automatic drawing board, need to rely on this technology to sense plates original position during process of drawing , when leave the specified location, this technique also needs to sense the current position, and returns a control system for an electronic signal, let it run the corresponding action.

Again is the new material. Polypropylene is a new chemical plastics materials, refined from petroleum, and this new material has good stability, can withstand high temperature and pressure, acid and alkali, the molecular structure of this material is very strong. This high-tech R & D out of the amount of material plus additives, after casting becomes filter plates of the filer press machine,so the filter plate also has a good stiffness, a strong antioxidant, making filter plates can withstand many harsh environments, create conditions for widespread use of Toper’s fitler press .

Secondly, the hydraulic device. As the hydraulic widely used just in the last ten years, we are here to talk about it. Hydraulic device providing an excellent condition for filter press is the perfect combination of electronic signals and pressure control system, thus make the filter press easier to control the magnitude and workload of pressure, enable to flexible control of the direction of the pressure and stress. This is the basic for filer press achieve intelligent .

In fact, there are many high technology of Toper’s filter press,including micro, nano-filtration cloth, etc., have been widely used Toper’s products currently.


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