Our company and Pakistani customers reached a second cooperation to export a filter press equipment used in the food industry .

December 2017 our company and the customer from Pakistan THALINDUSTRIES reached a second cooperation intention, and once again exported one set glass fiber polypropylene material filter plate,high-temperature automatic discharge filter press with automatic water washing device.The filter press is used in the food industry as a filtration&separation and clarification device in the sugarcane and sugar beet production line of the customer, removing precipitated impurities and agglomerated non-sugar in the slurry to obtain clear juice; simultaneously filter cake formed by the filtration process(for every 100 tons of sugarcane crushed about 3 tons of press mud cake is left behind as by-product.) is used as both soil re-clamant as well as soil conditioner because it contains organic carbon, a large amount of micronutrients and macronutrients. Compared to conventional polypropylene plate filter presses, customers have chosen fiberglass polypropylene because of the temperature: The customer requested a slurry feeding temperature of 83-84 ° C, filter cake out temperature of 79 ° C, filtrate out temperature of 78-80 ° C, and filter press washing water temperature of 82-84 ° C. Glass fiber polypropylene belongs to a kind of reinforced polypropylene. In addition to the characteristics of the PP material itself, it not only further enhances the various advantages of the polypropylene material, but also compensates for some shortcomings.It can significantly improve the tensile strength of PP plastics, and can also improve mechanical strength and heat resistance, the water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and creep resistance are all well.

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