The XAY60/870-30U filter press all-coating stainless steel has successfully arrived in Vietnam to complete the delivery.

In November 2017, Vietnamese customers used stainless steel filter presses to extract palm oil. XAY60/870-30U all-coating stainless steel filter press can process up to 3 tons per hour, which can effectively and timelyly complete the required output. Suitable for food, biochemical, water treatment, brewing industry and other aspects. The machine can effectively satisfy the food and pharmaceutical industries where the user has higher requirements for hygienic conditions, and the materials are more corrosive. The all-coating stainless steel filter press has high-precision filtration, high efficiency, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and so on other characteristics, the machine can also replace different filter materials according to different purposes of the user, to achieve more precise filtration requirements than other filter presses.

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