The quick-opening filter press has been shipped to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan customer Kashmi ordered the quick-opening filter press XY4/450-30U, finished delivery on Nov. 8, 2016. Ksahmi selected this filter press is used to deal with vehicle service station sewer wastewater. Handling capacity of 2.5 cubic meters a day. Solid content 5%. In order to save manpower and efficient work, Kashmi requires automatic discharge filter press. Just our smallest model 4m2 quick-opening filter press to meet his needs. Quick-opening filter press filter is based on the common filte press to increase the filter plate one-time automatic pull device, each filter plate connected through the chain, after the cake is formed, by lengthening hydraulic cylinder to achieve a big power to pull all the filter plates. In addition to quick-opening filter press, our HI-TOPER also provide manual discharge filter press, automatic discharge filter press. As long as you need, you can always find the right products here.

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