slurry filtration automatic discharging filter press exported to Singapore

On 24,January 2015,Zhengzhou Toper Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd exported one set of model XMZ250/1250-30U automatic discharging filter press to Singapore. This type of filter press is ordered by Mr. John who intended to use it on construction site for filtration of slurry.

According to the requirement of customer,the machine should able to filtration around 360t slurry every day ,that means 45t per hour. Then from the slurry photos we received from customer and our past experience ,we suggest PP plate chamber type filter press.

We quote both the manual and automatic discharge style at the beginning because the worries from customer .He’s afraid of the automatic system fault which will effect the whole filtration process.
While there’s no need to worry : firstly ,the automatic discharging system won’t affect the normal function of other parts even there’s something wrong with it and you can still discharge the filter cake manual .Second,we promise to provide relevant after-sales service in warranty period. At last, we have never encountered the case that our customer reflect the automatic discharge system broken since our exportation from 2006.
After viewing enough technical data and visiting our factory ,the customer finally confirmed the automatic type .This also showed the trust on our machine quality and after-sale service.

This is the start of our cooperation for both side,and we believe there will be more chance to cooperate and to build long-term business relationship .





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