Filter press hot sale in beverage industry

The integrated experimental filter press ordered by Rwanda customers has been successfully delivered on July 5, 2017, Rwanda customers used a integrated filter press model XY10/450-30U to filter the juice. The processing capacity of the equipment can reach 10 tons per day, and the filter cake can be made under the pressure of 0.6Mpa of the beverage pump. The filtrate in the cake is fully extracted, and the filtrate flows out through the open flow channel through the double action of the filter cake and filter cloths, then collected centrally. In addition to the model XY10/450-30U, also we have larger (10m2-1000m2) and smaller (1m2-10m2) models for you to choose. The integrated filter press has the characteristics of convenient movement and is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, printing and dyeing, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical, building materials and so on.

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