We exported XG70/870-30U membrane filter press to Bolivia.

In November 2016, we exported one set of model XG70/870-30U membrane filter press to Bolivia, together with one year of spare parts for the membrane filter press and the air compressor used for the special secondary squeezing process. Mr. Wilber Churata H. direct contact with our company from October 2015 then in November, 2016 complete the successful completion of orders, has experienced more than a year, during which experienced a project suspension, program changes and other issues, while ultimately to a satisfactory solution to reach agreement. Customers purchased filter press is used to do zinc concentrate dehydration treatment. After the establishment of the initial contact,we based on customer-specific data, including handling capacity, solid content, solid particle size, density, running time every day to provide the corresponding quotation program, and refer to the advantages and features of the membrane filter press, automatic and manual discharge, the second press using the liquid pressure or air pressure options take a full range of discussions. Then customer project is suspended in November, but the two sides still maintain contact and look forward to further development. At the end of July in year of 2016,the project to restore and change the relevant data,we update the quotation plan,give a variety explainations and communication about the questions that customer care of ,such as the washing, the second squeezing process, drying and other issues, through text description, photo display, video presentation and other means .Ultimately the two sides reached a consensus in late September to confirm the order. The main difference between the membrane filter press and the general chamber filter press is installed in the filter plate on both sides of the two elastic membrane (composite rubber diaphragm is the overall diaphragm), in the process of running, when the feeding process is over,high pressure fluid medium or compressed air can be put into the diaphragm plate, then the entire diaphragm will be muster, press the cake, in order to achieve further dehydration of the filter cake, which is so-called squeezing filtration process. Membrane filter presses have been widely used in various fields where solid-liquid separation is required and are considered as an alternative to the conventional chamber presses. They have shown good results in the capable of handling per unit area, reducing cake moisture and adaptability to the nature of the treated materials and other aspects. It is also the first choice for customers in metallurgy, gas, paper making, coking, pharmacy, food, brewing, fine chemical industry and so on, which has the advantages of high pressing pressure, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability. Membrane filter press used in sludge, sewage treatment, compared to the traditional chamber filter press, filter cake with the highest solid rate can be increased more than 2 times, filter cake transport costs greatly reduced, the cake can enter the power plant direct combustion. The real change of sludge into resources, sewage become springs.

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