Decanter centrifuge exported to Egypt for soybean protein separation.

Egyptian customer Hesham ordered soybean protein decanter centrifuge LW450X1800, finish the delivery on Jan. 15, leaving Qingdao port, China to +6 Alexandria port, Egypt. Decanter centrifuge is a continuous operation of sedimentation centrifuge. Continuous feeding, separating and discharging at full speed. With a compact structure, continuous operation, smooth operation, strong adaptability, production capacity, easy maintenance and so on. It is suitable for separation of suspensions containing density greater than liquid phase, solid particle size greater than 0.005mm, concentration range of 2-40%. widely used in: A. Industrial and domestic sewage separation and dehydration B. Starch washing dehydration C. Soybean, wheat protein dehydration D. Fish meal, fish dehydration E. Dehydration of distiller's grains F. Fruit juice purification and dewatering of pulp G. Animal and vegetable oil separation and purification H. Separation and purification of coal tar I. Gypsum clarification and purification J. Starch separation and dehydration K. Separation and dehydration of kaolin and graphite L. Dye, pigment separation and dehydration M. Ore slurry separation and dehydration Finally, HI-TOPER is specialized in the production of various centrifuge experts. Such as decanter centrifuge, disc centrifuge, tube centrifuge and other centrifuges. If you have this need, feel free to contact.

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