Customers from Peru IGASA company visited.

2016.10.24-25, our old friend - Mr. Ruperto Verona from Peru cooperated with Mr. Baltazar Munoz of IGASA company of old customer to visit our company. The two sides have had a cooperation in June, when the procurement process for the palm oil dry fractionation process of the membrane filter press, this time of visit has two main purposes: first, to see the manufacturing progress of the new orders which reached in Sept. about the cast iron plate-frame filter presses and related parts,the second is to discuss new cooperation projects, to confirm the specific requirements and parameters of the goods that plan to purchase. The order confirmed in September of the cast iron frame filter press and related accessories have been completed and packaged, is expected to ship to Peru by the end of October, customers are satisfied with the progress and at the same time full of expectations of the new cooperation projects. We believe the two sides will also successfully reached the next cooperation In the near future.

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