Egypt customer Mr. Hesham visited our decanter centrifuge workshop.

On Oct., 13, our Egypt customer Hesham visited our decanter centrifuge workshop. Hesham would like to us decanter centrifuge in his soybean protein production line. Usually the soybean protein production process are as the following: A. Defatted soy flour mixed with water at a ratio of 1:10, add a certain NaOH solution, adjusted to PH 9 or so, most of the protein will dissolve in solution, part of the fiber class, protein, carbohydrate, etc. is still Solid state, suspended in solution. In this step, Decanter centrifuge will be used to separate our this part solids, and collect the liquid. B. In the first step to collect the solution by adding HCl solution, adjusted to pH 3 or so, the protein in the solution will be coagulation precipitation. In this step, decanter centrifuge will be used to separate and collecte of solid protein. C. After the protein collected in the second step, washed, then the whole was dissolved in NaOH solution, and the soybean protein solution was dried using a spray drying apparatus. Finally packaged for sale. For the initial investor Hesham, he wanted to purchase a decanter centrifuge to complete the separation of the two operations. After visiting the workshop and discuss with our engineers, confirmed the model LW450 * 1800. Finally, Hesham is very satisfied with our products and reception work, and said he will pay the deposit when he back to Eygpt. Last, our HI-TOPER is specialized in the production of various separation equipment experts. Such as decanter centrifuge, disc centrifuge, tubular centrifuge and other centrifuges. If you have this need, feel free to contact.

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