In November 2017, the centrifuge SSC800 ordered by Japanese customers to separate 0.5 nanometer carbon powder was successfully departed.

In addition to the SSC800, this type of centrifuge also has SSC450, SSC600, SSC1000 and other options. Feel free to contact if necessary. The SSC type centrifuge is a three-legged manual discharge unloading intermittent operation centrifuge. The drum has no holes and is suitable for separating suspensions containing fine particles of solid phase, high viscosity, low concentration, difficult regeneration of filter medium, and solid phase specific gravity larger than liquid phase. The machine is simple in structure, convenient in operation and strong in adaptability. The filtration time can be flexibly controlled according to material characteristics and separation requirements, and is widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, textile, metallurgical and other industrial sectors.

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