Four sets Tubular Centrifuge Exported To Russia For Blood Separation.

Mr Dmitry,our client from Russia has a pharmaceutical industry project in Ukraine. Mr Dmitry purchases 4 sets tubular centrifuges for blood separation, 1set GF115, 3sets GQ150, and we customize the nameplate for Mr Dmitry according to his requirements: 1set GF115 changed into GGTF01151-SE, 1set GQ150 changed into GCTQ01401-SE, and 2 sets GQ150 changed into GCTQ01501-SE.From Mr Dmitry send inquiry to us on June 7, 2016, to Mr Dmitry give us an order on November 24, 2017, Mr Dmitry’s procurement cycle lasted about six months.Review the communication process, we talk about from the initial tubular centrifuge GF separation type and GQ clarification type to payment method, and then talked about the nameplate of the private custom, last but most important is the completion of the order and delivery. The good news is not only made the order, but also Mr Dmitry and me become good friends. Mr Dmitry praised the quality of our products and services, I believe Mr Dmitry will become our long-term partners.

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