automatic membrane filter press exported to Russia

Until to August 10, the automatic membrane filter press ordered by Michael, Russia, XGZ30/870-30U and XGZ50/870-30U have delivered to the seaport warehouse.
This batch automatic membrane filter press is our 25 batches cooperation since we start our cooperation, the different with before is that this time add new function, of automatic discharge device, belt conveyor and automatic varicose shaking system.
A.Automatic discharge device means, after a filtration cycle is finished, a plate-shifting device will help to open the plates one by one.
B.Belt conveyor will transport the cake to you needed place.
C.Automatic varicose shaking system can change angle to the filter cloth into V shape, and at the same time, the spring connected with cloth vibrates and the cake fall off.
Last, Our HI-TOPER company will satisfy each customer by qualified products quality and service, at the same time, also try our best to retain the cooperation with each customer with long-term procurement needs.



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