automatic discharging filter press deal with sludge exported to Singapore

November 20th,2014,our customer Mr. John from HPOWER-VAC INDUSTRIAL SERVICES PTE LTD of Singapore come to visit our factory and finally place the order of model XMZ250/1250-30U automatic discharging filter press on November 26th .

We got contact with Mr. Juhn from this June and learned that he choose us because he has seen our machine in Singapore .They want to deal with sludge ,while they themselves has no experience using the filter press.
So we provide large amount information in order to make the customer know more about the fitler press ,from tex massage,photos,drawings,video to our typical project cases all over the world.At the same time,to invite the customer pay a visit to our factory so as to see our factory capacity,fabricate capacity and production-size.

Through months’ communication and discussion,the customer at last decided to pay the visit to our factory.This time of site visit and communication face-to-face at late urge the customer to purchase our filter press .

This is the start of cooperation for both side,and Toper firmly believe that good product quality, efficient and professional service, the pioneering spirit of technological innovation will make bilateral cooperation to go further, and also for us to win more customers.

automatic-discharging-filter-press-deal-with-sludge-exported-to-Singapore automatic-discharging-filter-press-deal-with-sludge-exported-to-Singapore02


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