In October 2017, we exported a model LW355X1600 horizontal screw decanter centrifuge to Argentina for the production of soy protein.

In the production of soybean protein isolate technology, acid precipitation process is the most commonly used recently , the main process is: crushing, extraction, separation of slag milk, acid precipitation, curd separation, neutralize aging, sterilization drying, inspection and packaging processes. Separation is a key step in the production of protein isolates, which directly affects the yield of the protein and the final product quality. The separation process is generally divided into three processes, namely, soybean dregs and protein solution separation, protein solution in the curd and whey separation and washing liquid curd and washed whey separation. Of which,the most critical is slag liquid separation process, the current widely used high-speed decanter centrifuge to improve protein recovery, the bean dregs and soya-bean milk can be directly separated from the extraction solution via decanter centrifuge , according to process conditions this process can alse be divided into primary separation and secondary separation. According to the different separation requirements to choose the suitable centrifuge machine ,including solid-phase concentration&dehydration, liquid clarification decanter centrifuge, our corporation supplied variety kinds of decanter centrifuge, selectivity, according to the specific production processing capacity choose different model. The entire feeding, separation, discharge are automatic, continuous, closed state to complete.

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