activated carbon

What is activated carbon actually, what is activated carbon filter?

Activated carbon filter is a common water treatment equipment, industrial one and household one. Activated carbon filter processing the raw water utilizing of highly activated carbon adsorption, the activated carbon in the filter adsorbs impurities in raw water, including microorganisms, particulate matter, and so on.

Activated carbon has the great influence on activated carbon filter to process raw water. Having direct impact on the water quality, so it needs to backwash in regularly, to flush out impurities adsorbed on activated carbon. As if there are so much impurities on the activated carbon, it’s not only reach the purification of the raw water, but also pollute the water after treatment, also activated carbon can not work must be promptly replaced.

Activated carbon filter cartridges usually come from wood, coconut shell and husk, plants will absorb various chemicals from the soil during growth, if high arsenic levels in soil, the corresponding wood, coconut shell, husk will also have arsenic, and leads to activated carbon. If the fuel(such as coal) includes arsenic during carbonization and activation, activated carbon will be taken in. If the added chemicals(such as zinc chloride) with arsenic when activation, also will bring into activated carbon. When the manufacture & installation of activated carbon filter, membrane elements, water filters and others get bacterial contamination, soak in water and breeding, it will cause the total number of colonies exceeded.

Therefore, the use of activated carbon filters, good choices and how to maintain is very important, I hope the above brief introduction can help you accelerate familiar with activated carbon filter.

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