Potassium chlorate filter press

Potassium chlorate

Potassium chlorate is a colorless flaky crystal or white granular powder, salty taste and cool, strong oxidizing agents, is a high sensitivity of the exploding agent blew, and sometimes even in the sunlight. Case of concentrated sulfuric acid explode.


The defense industry for the manufacture of explosives and detonators. Oxidant and mordant dyeing industry, as aniline dyed. The pharmaceutical industry is used as an astringent and disinfectant. Bleaching preparations and agricultural herbicides. [3] compared with hygroscopic sodium chlorate, potassium chlorate in the air more stable, and therefore used extensively for the manufacture of gunpowder. In addition, Commelina containing potassium chlorate. Drops of concentrated sulfuric acid to the match head ignition

Potassium chlorate preparation

Electrolytic hot saturated brine can be sodium chlorate, sodium chlorate, and a certain amount of potassium chloride and the resulting metathesis reaction, the reaction liquid was cooled to 35 ° C below precipitated crystal was separated mother liquor, the crude potassium chlorate, whereby the liquid to be purified containing the Potassium Chlorate 280g / L, sodium chloride, 40g / L or less, and then to a secondary cooling to 25 ° C. The precipitated crystals were separated by centrifugation and filter,washed with water, dried and pulverized at 65 ° C under airflow, potassium chlorate (KClO3) finished

Potassium chlorate filter press manufacturer

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